Haruna Iddrisu, leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)’s Caucus in Parliament has fired back after Sammy Gyamfi verbally attacked him and accused him of betraying the collective interest of the NDC leadership.

Angrily, Haruna Iddrisu called Mahama a coward for sending Sammy Gyamfi to rain unpalatable words on them instead of coming straight to tell them in the face.

The Minority Leader resorted to his Facebook page to vent his anger. He wrote:

”They brazenly defied the leadership of the party and betrayed the collective good for their selfish interest. And we, must not let them succeed in their parochial quest to destroy the NDC, the party that has done so much for them and all of us. The shame they have brought on the party will forever hang like an albatross around their necks,” Sammy Gyamfi wrote.

It is obvious Sammy Gyamfi just stepped on the tail of a hungry angry lion. Let’s see what will calm the rage of the lion.

Source: news.paperlez.com

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