The Trainees of the Nation Builders Corp (Nabco) have expressed worries over the delay of November Stipends ahead of the December elections.

The Trainees noted that,since majority of them are supposed to vote outside their places of work, it will be prudent the Nabco Secretariat releases their stipends earlier in order to help them move faster to their Constituencies.

They disclosed this to the press in an interview today.

“We are in total dilemma, we can’t  cater for our families, transportation to our Constituencies to vote has also become a major canker , how do the leaders expect us to go out and vote”.

They added” see , some of us are staying far away from our Constituencies, the most painful aspect of it is that, we don’t have even a pesewa in our accounts, therefore, money for survival has also become a problem,how do they expect us to even survive”, they quizzes.

In addition, the Trainees further narrated that, since their parents are aware of their job status , they refuses to give them money for their upkeep .

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“You can’t call your mother or father for money because they know you are working, this has even worsen our cases, in fact we are humbly appealing to the President to act on our behalf in order to ensure the Nabco authorities regularise the payment of our stipends”.

The trainees argued that, if the government refuses to act swiftly, they will be forced to vote skirt and blouse.

“We can’t go out and vote with empty stomachs. We demanded money for  transportation but the Secretariat seems unconcerned therefore will advise ourselves”.

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