Social Commentator, Sydney Casely Hayford is proposing the creation of regional parliaments as a way of curtailing what many have termed the neglect constituents face from their parliamentarians after election periods.

He argues that the country can no longer depend on the existing single parliament considering the increase in population, resources and the need to have power devolved to the local people.

His comments come on the back of recent research published by the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana that claimed that some 50 per cent of Members of Parliament (MPs) risk losing their seats due to poor performance and a lack of representation, a report the Speaker of the house has described as unfair.

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Speaking on The Big Issue on Saturday, Casely Hayford maintained that the only way to address the challenge is the creation of regional parliaments to give legislators the opportunity close to their constituencies







“We need to establish a regional parliament. This country is now big enough. In the olden days, when we didn’t have many people you could have one single parliament looking after only Accra, the protectorates and Ashanti. Those days are over. We are now a far bigger country with bigger resources and far more people to manage. So within these regions, you have districts and municipalities congregated together to form a region. When you do that, the parliamentarians who serve these regions are more in tune and more aware of what is happening in their regions.”

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